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Merchandise collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara


Tape & Zine display book with Bradford Walters and Matthew Mehi 

For Bradford Walters / Scooters For Peace

Shown & sold at DFW- Please Don't Touch

2-19-5 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo Japan 150-0001 

A tightly bound project; we have created a hand made hard cover book that mimics a teenagers bible cut out to store forbidden items. In place of these forbidden items is a zine with images Bradford Walters has delicately chosen home printed, designed and hand cut by Matthew Mehi.  Beneath the zine is a tape cassette with a random array of Bradfords music, all reel to reel recorded in his living room days, possibly hours, before boarding a flight to Japan. The tapes were passed around and decorated  by Berry McGee, Aaron Rose, Stephen Powers and other amazing artist.   The cover featuring  a rough image of Bradford's young artist friend kissing a flower I roughly screen printed on each book, displaying a unique flaw in every print. We screen printed dozens of shirts and tote bags as well as hand drew a few for the fun of it. Please give Bradfords music a moment  of your time ever get the opportunity to hear it. 

Album Art for Jackie with Jellies

2020 - Album release 


Music Video for Clean Spill 2019

Wanted Noise 10ft x 8ft Back Drop 

Design work for album release

In collaboration with  musician Suryendra Sherman


Cat Clark

Album art: Hurts to Love 2019


Music Video for Queen Tide 2020

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