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Everything today is viral. We’ve literally got a virus keeping us inside, news is spreading all over the internet and people are spreading around ideas - good and bad - super quickly. Viruses are crazy things. Once they find a host, they come alive - then they spread like wildfire. 

Shit Art Club is infectious. There are aesthetic challenges, discussions about death and smiles all around all the time. We are living in the now and have a lot to good to share, but just need help spreading it. We found a lovely body of new friends at Pabst Blue Ribbon and 1700 Naud and they decided to host our dirty little crew of contagions for the month of September in a new project space they made during the pandemic called Blue Ribbon Studios. Monster Children and PBR reworked their event space into an artist residency and exhibition space and invited us in to make a beautiful mess. 

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