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Demi Boelsterli - "Artist"

In a world that lacks control, I am able to put something down and present it just as I choose. Forcing the viewer to ingest my attempt to control something. Constantly pretending to not be offended by the way things are. Built up anger and even more compassion perfectly placed on paper and walls in hopes of someone, anyone gaining a bit of emotion, whatever that means.

 Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Ca.

32  year old  Demi Boelsterli is a self taught artist.  She enjoys a vast variety of mediums. 

A multidisciplinary artist including painting, videography, poetry, photography, college, digital works and sculptures. She has been creating consistently for nearly 10 years with no plan of stopping. Demi has been shown in dozens of group and solo shows throughout California, as well as having work publicly displayed in Tokyo, Japan.

Her works reside across the country belonging to other artist, musicians, designers and collectors. ​



Public Institution of Conformity 



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